Government of Republic of Moldova

National Council for Child Rights Protection

Consiliul Național pentru Protecția Drepturilor Copilului

Ordinary meeting. No 7/2013

On St. Nicholas Day, Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Potîng offered gifts and sweets to children named Nicholas and Nicoleta, who wrote letters to Santa Claus to Santa's Academy. The action took place prior to the meeting of the National Council for Child Rights Protection.

"St Nicholas helps Santa Claus," said Tatiana Potîng to children, offering them sweets and gifts that they have asked for in their letters: puzzles, balls, books, backpacks with school supplies, dolls and cars.

The two boys named Nicholas and five girls named Nicoleta, are aged between four and nine years and are from Chisinau, Straseni and Telenesti.

Following geetings, Tatiana Potîng chaired the meeting of the National Council for Child Rights Protection, which discussed the mechanism of accreditation of social service providers and juvenile delinquency, the last topics of the Action Plan of tру Сouncil for the current year.

It was decided that in 2014 the National Council for Accreditation of Social Service Providers will initiate the accreditation of providers of social services. It will also decided to develop an annual schedule of accreditation and conduct an information campaign on the promotion and implementation of accreditation mechanism.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs, General Prosecutor's Office and The Ministry of Justice presented information on measures taken to train specialists in juvenile probation system and on creation of spaces for hearing children.

Finally, Tatiana Potîng congratulated members of the National Council for Child Rights Protection on winter holidays, wishing them good health, well-being and a New Year rich in achievements.

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