Government of Republic of Moldova

National Council for Child Rights Protection

Consiliul Național pentru Protecția Drepturilor Copilului

Message from the Chairman of the National Council

Dear friends,

Child’s Кight Issues have been and will be a priority of the Government of the Republic of Moldova. Every child should grow and develop in a family, be protected by the authorities and feel safe in his country - The Republic of Moldova.

By ratifying the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, Moldova has undertaken to protect children from any kind of discrimination, ensuring their proper social security and conditions for aa comprehensive intellectual and physical development. Government is working at developing appropriate policies for enhanced implementation of the Convention.

For this purpose, the National Council on Child Rights Protection was established. It includes central public administration authorities with specialized competence in the field, representatives of civil society working in the field of child protection and development partners. The role of this government body is to identify problems in the field, to analyze and propose the best solutions so that children in our country feel protected and safe home.

At the current stage, it is very important for us to realize that only the family can provide a full and harmonious development of the child's personality. Only within the family atmosphere it is beneficial to educate future citizens - true patriots of our country.

We will make further effort necessary to create optimal conditions for the harmonious development of every child and teenager. Moreover, the Government is committed to promoting family values and protection and rights of children.

However, the efficiency of actions which the state undertakes to create better conditions for children depends not only on the work of central and local public authorities, but also on the involvement of each of us in this process. We should jointly contribute to improving living standards in our country. Just so we can give the younger generation the opportunity to grow up in a healthy environment, to develop skills and contribute to prosperity of the Republic of Moldova.