Government of Republic of Moldova

National Council for Child Rights Protection

Consiliul Național pentru Protecția Drepturilor Copilului

Ordinary meeting. No 3/2014

Violence against children is no longer a hidden issue

On September 18, Ms. Tatiana Potîng, Deputy Prime Minister, convened the regular meeting of the National Council for Child Rights Protection in which the progress in the protection of child victims of abuse and crime was discussed.

According to information presented by the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the last year there were registered 662 penal cases where children have been victims of crime, or 70.1 percent more than in the previous year.

Ms. Potîng noted that "Although there is an increase in the number of cases of violence against children reported, this is due to the application of instructions for intersectoral cooperation mechanism for the identification, assessment, referral, assistance and monitoring of child victims and potential victims of violence, neglect, exploitation and trafficking, approved by a Government Decision in April this year."

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