Government of Republic of Moldova

National Council for Child Rights Protection

Consiliul Național pentru Protecția Drepturilor Copilului

Roundtable 1.1.2015

The Permanent Secretariat of the National Council on Child’s Rights Protection, in partnership with Ministry of Education, under financial support from UNICEF Moldova, held on June10, the first of the three roundtables planned with the t "Promoting actions to prevent and fight against early drop out". The round table for the center, held in Chisinau, was attended by representatives from all 12 rayons and municipality. Chişinău, who were invited. It shows once again that everything bound to dropout phenomena represents a great interest.

Representatives of the Ministry of Education talked not only about dropout but also referred to non-schooling children. Current situation and actions taken by the ministry to reduce the phenomenon were presented . Also participants talked about inter-sector cooperation to prevent and combat drop out.

 Solution of the problem must start from the awareness of its magnitude. In this respect it is vital to operate truthful. At the moment, however, there is a time-lag in the data submitted by various sources. Gathering reliable data is only possible if stakeholders will sit at a table and will discuss every indicator. Once having these data central authorities can develop an effective and enforceable policy.

Participants noted the need for more effective collaboration between multidisciplinary team members and the need for accountability of each actor involved in the process. However, participants in the discussions mentioned that they experience difficulty, when lacking relevant data, situation which must be improved, and the involvement of Local Public Administration of deficient levels is necessary.