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Consiliul Național pentru Protecția Drepturilor Copilului

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The permanent secretariat of the National Council for Child Rights Protection, in partnership with Terre des Hommes Foundation Representative in Moldova held in the afternoon of June15 a workshop to ...
15/10/2015 | Vizualizări: 46

The Permanent Secretariat of the National Council on Child’s Rights Protection, in partnership with Ministry of Education, under financial support from UNICEF Moldova, held on June10, the first of ...
15/10/2015 | Vizualizări: 35

The first day of summer, every year, we celebrate the International Children's Day. June 1 is not only a celebration of children, but also of those who are around, helping them to increase the value ...
02/06/2015 | Vizualizări: 46

Permanent Seretariatul attended the meeting organized by the World Health Organization on the topic "Dialogue on policy on preventing child maltreatment." Participants were familiarized with European ...
13/05/2015 | Vizualizări: 24
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